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"The shift away from large banks to nonbanks has been truly massive," said Stephen Oliner, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.
BY Brian Collins
Big banks have drastically reduced their share of the Federal Housing Administration market, a massive shift that has big implications, according to new analysis by the American Enterprise Institute.
The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear an appeal by Wells Fargo and Bank of America in a lawsuit brought by the City of Miami to determine whether the city can seek redress for lost tax revenue from allegedly predatory mortgages.  more »
Home prices are more likely to go down in states with economies driven by the energy industry than across the country overall, according to Arch Mortgage Insurance.  more »
Nationstar Mortgage is issuing its fifth securitization of nonperforming reverse mortgages, a unique esoteric RMBS class the mortgage servicer has engaged in four previous transactions.  more »
Fitch Ratings will now conduct reviews of residential mortgage-backed securities deal agents as part of its RMBS master criteria, with Clayton Holdings as the first deal agent to receive an assessment.  more »
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